25 December 2015


Again writing after some times...Went to Ducati Centre in PJ the other day..Was having a  serious talk with the sales exec to get more info on the super bike..Guys not for me definitely...Couldn't even lift up the bike and stand on my own legs..Its heavy maaannn...(But I can rempit in my scooter...kakaka)

Lets continue back..Was having a serious talk and suddenly a loud thud...everyone froze..there were like 7 people in the showroom ...apart from me,my brother and father ,,4 strangers..(my jaw dropped literally)

My sister hit the glass room's glass...Ohhh shooottt..That hurts..You know being the good sister me I started laughing till I cried...Only I was the one laughing ok..felt bad..but cant help it..

The irony is, her son who pulled her to get something from inside the glass room knew well where the door was and he went directly there leaving his mother to the epic incident...

That is the glass which my sister hit her head..its not her fault ok..its deceiving in the light

That foggy mark is my sister face

She is trying to wipe it..

She is laughing herself thinking about it..and that cheeky boy still wants that something  from the glass room..cant help it.

Pants and top : Mango
Bag : Armcandy.co

By till then
Feel free to drop me your thoughts.Daa:)

14 December 2015

Back to business :))

Haven't blogged for  a long time indeed.Its not that I don''t have things to blog about.
Despite having so much of things triggering the I-MUST-BLOG-ABOUT-THIS- mode I have been super duper busy in my works turning off my blogging mode.

Yeah every time I'm back from work I just want to relax .I feel tired no matter how much rest I get.I think I need to revamp my style of life ; maybe a healthier version with more exercise,more veggie and more water:)hmmmm....or maybe do something which I will feel happy about...

YEAH!!!!That's IT!!!
My love has always been for numbers...anything with numbers I'm a pro I guess...But you know what I get excited the most when I go shopping...kakakah..who doesn't right..

Well the passion has always been in fashion..Hahaha..so cliche right...Fashion is my passion:) A good tagline..I'm going to claim royalty for it (yeah in my dreams)

I'm going to design my own cloths I think...something to consider..It will be nice right..I have some nice viscose fabric in stock which I bought like one year back...Maybe I could do something with it..
A skirt perhaps or a tunic top..Ooooohhhhh...

Actually you know what, I think that's a great idea to keep me going without feeling bored...OK decision made...

My mum will be like "dont you dare to add more clothes into cupboard.Its gonna cry blood".
Hahahaha...eventually I'm going to take over your wardrobe mommyyyy..

P/s: Till next time..will keep you updated..muaahhh:))

27 November 2015

He left me..What???

Today my work finished early.Yeah like 15 minutes earlier..
Then I was getting ready to go back home.I said bye bye to my daddy and started walking off to the car when suddenly he stopped me to wait for him so that we both can go back together.
Being the good daughter, I waited for him for a good forty five minutes.By the time he was almost done I went and waited for him in the car.
Krik ..Krik ...10 minutes gone....
krik ...krik ....another 10 minutes gone..
So I went back into the shop to ask my worker where is my dad...and he said 'miss,boss has gone back home like 20 minutes ago with your brother'
Wait..what?????He left me..
Sheeshh...sweat daddy...What ??Why??
My 15 minutes early off is gone because of you and you made me wait .
Daddy oh daddy...he thinks its funny.#methinksnono

16 November 2015

Whose egg is that???

Been quite sometimes since my last entry. Yeahhh, have been busy celebrating Diwali last week:))
Well my kinda Diwali is more too hanging out with family ,staying home ,watching TV and definitely lots of eating till I'm feeling like a whale now...
Foohhhhh...Need to burn out those fats...
Coming back to the egg story, my mum did a ikan bilis sambal with telur last Friday.During dinner there was only one egg left in the sambal, and I started asking whose egg was that to everybody so that I can eat it if no one claims the ownership.Hehehe
Then the genius brother answered the egg belongs to the chicken.
Darn idiot I felt like slapping my face.
Ended up not eating at all...He ate it...

Egg and anchovies sambal

Personal confession: My favourite food is Sambal petai and udang (Stinky/Bitter beans and prawn sambal)where the ratio is 1:1.Hehehe...there must be as much petai as the prawn.
Nyum nyum who doesnt love it.I love it.
I'll post a picture when my mum cooks it.

4 November 2015

One and a half hours !!!!

One and a half hours.Yeahhh..Just to eat tandoori at this one place which was on TV for its finger licking delicious tandoori.
It was a small place- a stall in front of Ampang point.The thing is,, it was only like 10 minutes drive from our place to reach there, but we managed to go around and around lost our way like little kiddos trying to find their way back to home. Hmmmmm...for us (my dad,sisters and of course my niece)filling our tummy is like the main priority...hahahaha..(sorry pa you have to join the clan when you are with your girls).

Well the place is called Uncle Aru's Tandoori and its on waze (can you believe it,,,if I knew it earlier
 I would have wazed that place directly rather than the landmarks nearby it)phewww...

The food is as good as they claimed...
Tandoori Chicken and Naan stall opposite Ampang Point off Jalan Ampang
Not my photo but its the Uncle Aru's Tandoori and naan. Forgot to take the photo as I was busy eating of course.Hehehe

Its cheap too according to me..They only charge RM 5.00 for the tandoori..where else you can get that much of effort for such a price right:))(according to me too)

28 October 2015

Abang Cendol !!!

Abang cendol (Cendol brother -direct translation hehehe)kept on lingering in my mind this couple of days.So definitely need to write my thoughts.
Well  I went to buy cendol for my sick brother in heavy rain two days before. 
Heavy rain-cold dessert drink--yes yes or no no...no no for me but my bro was sick so I guess his mouth watered thinking about it.Being the good sister went to buy that for him ,well yeah not good sister I guess coz bought him that on the way back from work..hahaha.

Coming back to cendol , I usually buy this cendol from one uncle near Jalan Dewa at my hometown.He has the best cendol in town according to me.Just a simple small bicycle stall but he uses pure coconut milk for the cendol.
Its good with double thumbs up.
Then me paying him using the RM100 note ,silly me almost used up all his change to pay me the balance.It was RM2.20 only.There was another guy (the abang cendol)waiting to buy cendol too...Alamak!!
Then the Abang Cendol came to rescue .He said he will belanja me.I was flattered by his thought itself. So spontaneous and DEFINITELY SHOUTS MALAYSIAN!!!

I realized then, nothing has changed.The Malaysia I have known is still the same,the values and beliefs .Gosshhh...I just love it.
Still remember those days when I was in Form 5 .During PJ classes there will be more shouting than exercising and playing.And after that we all will be in the classroom giggling and taking our own time to change into school uniforms.Yeah all of us,friends , not Malay,Chinese,Indians or etc...but friends...Cheers to unity ..

My thoughts on my Malaysia.
Share yours too:)

24 October 2015

Fake smile real smile???

Yesterday after coming back from work I was taking selfies with nephew.I thought all of them looked good and wanted to post them on Faceboook and Instagram.Then suddenly the biggest critique of mine ,my younger brother of course ,said none of the pictures look good.He said all of them look fake..Suddenly tanduk's(devils horn) started coming out from my head,,
yeah literally..
Snatched the phone away from him,,but then I had second thought and didn't post any of them.
I'm kinda easily distracted by what people say...HAIIISSSHHH....
Need to change that attitude first.
Today we did spring cleaning since Deepavali is coming...not we but only my younger sisters as mum already allocated the tasks for each people.If no there will be a karate,judo ,boxing and all kind of martial arts at my house...HAHAHAHA!!!
Then I was thinking about what my brother said about real smile and fake smile.....Well I thought the photos were good but his comment really made me _ _ _  _ _.(Fill in the blanks).
I guess family knows us the best.
Like my parents use to tell me that I'm pretty no matter what(even when I had crooked teeth that were popping out of my mouth and when I was the heaviest among my siblings)..
Well I changed for better so things are good now.
I realized then I'm the most 'realest' and 'truest' person when I'm with my family.I always feel myself when I'm with them. So definitely the real me writing this=)
My nephews ultimate selfie pose....hahahah

Ignore the messy hair and oily face and one smaller eye :))
All thoughts are meant for me...hehe:)

20 October 2015

Its kinda bad!!!

Its kinda bad right??I mean the haze. Didn't take it seriously till yesterday.Was driving back to home yesterday night and I realized how blurry was the road.Even the signboards are not clear until I get near them.I'm feeling slightly feverish just thinking about the haze.

Reminder to myself:-Drink a lot of water ,eat a lot of fruits and if possible stay indoor which is 
in my case its mission impossible.

Urghh I'm bad in this video-taking tasks.Bear with me please.Its feels like I'm having sore eyes and throat simultaneously looking at the hazy sky /:

Hopefully a heavy rain comes and washes out the haze.

16 October 2015

Where is the LOGIC???

I asked my nephew : Where is the logic baby?? AND
He said : Its in the first room ma...

Haishhh, had trouble making him to understand what logic is.After almost an hour of determination , he flushed the determination down the drain.Even if you ask him today he will say it's in the first room.He thinks logic is his grandma's animal friend(btw all animals are his grandma's friend).

The thing was he found a marker pen from somewhere and he wanted paper to draw, according to him.Since we hide all the papers from his reach he was stealing them from my printer's paper tray.
So I told him that he should have asked my permission before taking the papers.He said sorry with his cute eyes blinking all the way and being the soft hearted aunty I forgave him....Well he thought he can take the papers first then only to ask my permission.

I explained to him that it is only LOGIC to get the owner's permission before taking their things and not after...Thats where LOGIC beginned.

That's him and his aunty. Look at the eyes:)

He drew this with aunty's paper.The biggest thing is grandpa according to him

8 October 2015

Siblings love:)

Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!Well I laughed a lot.That's bad right laughing at others.
I'm actually a compassionate person who can cry even when Baymax,the marshmallow robot died at the end of the Big Hero movie.
But when I'm with my sisters I'm the biggest bully I guess.Yeah,like when you have so much rights in their life, things turns out to be like that..hmmm..well maybe that's in my case only ..
I have 3 sisters.One elder and two younger.We all look almost the same with the same height and weight,but people often mistaken me and my elder sister as twins.

Actually the other day my elder sister felt down at the Masjid Jamek lrt station.Whoosh that station particularly is always packed and she felt down and made a scene...hahaha..
Luckily her colleague was with her,I think she said Abang Sai or something.He helped her to get back to home.

The following day she called home to inform my mum and the news spread like sea waves in split seconds. We snatched the phone from my mum and started teasing her.
Even posted on Facebook.
Luckily she has the nicest boyfriend in the world....we think so.
At the end of the day,we always love our sister.(Loves and kisses-hope she doesn't read this)

Bad sister,good sister who always care for each other:)

6 October 2015

Oh Noooooo!!!!

Oh Noooooo!!!!
Ouch actually.
An ant bit me..
Actually I was not aware of the ant which was on my jeans which I wore without realizing it which bit me and made me move like I wanna go to the loo the whole time.
Too many which till I don't know which is which. Haaaahaaa...

And the funny thing when you have many siblings is they don't say something nice but they will be bullying you the whole time..yeahh they said pity the ant..daa what a brother..sigh..

Then my brother told me..no actually us a story,
According to him,the other day he and my father was travelling from somewhere by lorry..My brother was driving the lorry and suddenly my father grabbed his arm like he was in pain...my brother got shocked and stopped to check on him..
My dad was grabbing and squishing something on his arm...he thought something poisonous crawled inside his long sleeve and bit him..When that little thing stopped moving my brother helped him to take off that shirt to realize they was making a scene for a poor little grasshopper which my father squished to death..

My mom was laughing the most ...
My father is indeed a funny man.He added on while listening ..next time you feel something is biting you just squish it...Yea right pa:)

Coming back to me...The itchiness was gone..Lesson learnt anyway.

23 September 2015


Blank means a lot right??
Yeah for me..You know sometimes you'll go blank just like that forgetting the things you want to express..
It happens to me like gazillion times making me look like a clown..I don't show it but will be laughing at it when I'm alone...haha

Well actually wanted to right about something that I've been thinking on sharing a while but forgot it now. So next post ..no no the next time I remember I'll post it.

Bye till next time:)

21 September 2015

Yeayyyy!!!! New here...

The thought of writing a blog has been there for a few years..Being an avid blog reader all this while has always inspired me to write but I was being a little bit traditional...keeping secrets of my thoughts...well that's always easy right...

No one to hurt and nobody hurts me..

Hehehe..but I should do what I like right..I like to write..Yup!!

Me : Lets cheers to celebrate my new blog..Yihaa only the noise is there..a lasso would be great..hehehe.