16 November 2015

Whose egg is that???

Been quite sometimes since my last entry. Yeahhh, have been busy celebrating Diwali last week:))
Well my kinda Diwali is more too hanging out with family ,staying home ,watching TV and definitely lots of eating till I'm feeling like a whale now...
Foohhhhh...Need to burn out those fats...
Coming back to the egg story, my mum did a ikan bilis sambal with telur last Friday.During dinner there was only one egg left in the sambal, and I started asking whose egg was that to everybody so that I can eat it if no one claims the ownership.Hehehe
Then the genius brother answered the egg belongs to the chicken.
Darn idiot I felt like slapping my face.
Ended up not eating at all...He ate it...

Egg and anchovies sambal

Personal confession: My favourite food is Sambal petai and udang (Stinky/Bitter beans and prawn sambal)where the ratio is 1:1.Hehehe...there must be as much petai as the prawn.
Nyum nyum who doesnt love it.I love it.
I'll post a picture when my mum cooks it.

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