4 November 2015

One and a half hours !!!!

One and a half hours.Yeahhh..Just to eat tandoori at this one place which was on TV for its finger licking delicious tandoori.
It was a small place- a stall in front of Ampang point.The thing is,, it was only like 10 minutes drive from our place to reach there, but we managed to go around and around lost our way like little kiddos trying to find their way back to home. Hmmmmm...for us (my dad,sisters and of course my niece)filling our tummy is like the main priority...hahahaha..(sorry pa you have to join the clan when you are with your girls).

Well the place is called Uncle Aru's Tandoori and its on waze (can you believe it,,,if I knew it earlier
 I would have wazed that place directly rather than the landmarks nearby it)phewww...

The food is as good as they claimed...
Tandoori Chicken and Naan stall opposite Ampang Point off Jalan Ampang
Not my photo but its the Uncle Aru's Tandoori and naan. Forgot to take the photo as I was busy eating of course.Hehehe

Its cheap too according to me..They only charge RM 5.00 for the tandoori..where else you can get that much of effort for such a price right:))(according to me too)

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