23 September 2015


Blank means a lot right??
Yeah for me..You know sometimes you'll go blank just like that forgetting the things you want to express..
It happens to me like gazillion times making me look like a clown..I don't show it but will be laughing at it when I'm alone...haha

Well actually wanted to right about something that I've been thinking on sharing a while but forgot it now. So next post ..no no the next time I remember I'll post it.

Bye till next time:)

21 September 2015

Yeayyyy!!!! New here...

The thought of writing a blog has been there for a few years..Being an avid blog reader all this while has always inspired me to write but I was being a little bit traditional...keeping secrets of my thoughts...well that's always easy right...

No one to hurt and nobody hurts me..

Hehehe..but I should do what I like right..I like to write..Yup!!

Me : Lets cheers to celebrate my new blog..Yihaa only the noise is there..a lasso would be great..hehehe.