27 November 2016


Gah looking at the title itself make me feel -'oh nooo I need to change the title'
Well I have been doing that for some time I guess which is why I was in MIA mode .

You know there are times where you feel you should do thing this way and not that way and usually you think about it after doing it.Hmm maybe its not you but me yes...hehehe..Yeah I do that all the time till people around me usually get annoyed..Guess what I can even annoy my mom..Supercool nah.

'But if past could be changed by talking or thinking about it million or gazillion times I would definitely do it.Past is past men...nothing can be done to change it..live life with what you have and get the maximum out of it'-quote by me which I don't usually follow

Its a nice thing to ponder but that is just so not me...

I think I have an OCD situation at times and OSD at most of the time.

Chao babes..till more OSD times :)))