27 November 2016


Gah looking at the title itself make me feel -'oh nooo I need to change the title'
Well I have been doing that for some time I guess which is why I was in MIA mode .

You know there are times where you feel you should do thing this way and not that way and usually you think about it after doing it.Hmm maybe its not you but me yes...hehehe..Yeah I do that all the time till people around me usually get annoyed..Guess what I can even annoy my mom..Supercool nah.

'But if past could be changed by talking or thinking about it million or gazillion times I would definitely do it.Past is past men...nothing can be done to change it..live life with what you have and get the maximum out of it'-quote by me which I don't usually follow

Its a nice thing to ponder but that is just so not me...

I think I have an OCD situation at times and OSD at most of the time.

Chao babes..till more OSD times :)))

9 January 2016


I know its kinda late for a new year wish ,but I'm still in the mood.So HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS.
New year,new resolution,new hope, and an opportunity to get  year older.Thank you god.May god always bless me(praying hard for that ).

Celebrated my new year with the big family at PICC.It was an amazing celebration welcoming 2016 with so many family members.Definitely started the year like da boss...made my new year resolution and now working towards it.(with ups and downs definitely).Anyhow life has to move on and lets strive to be a better us.ok.Lets make a toast for a great year ahead .Cheers!!!!

Lesson learnt : Appreciate those little things in life as the clock keeps on ticking.

Four sisters.They are gonna kill me
ooppsss not ready yet guys.That's my twin ;)

Same height guys.Dont get deceived by the heels:))

                                                                Dress : Topshop
                                                            Heels : Charles & Keith

Good day till then..Doodles:))

25 December 2015


Again writing after some times...Went to Ducati Centre in PJ the other day..Was having a  serious talk with the sales exec to get more info on the super bike..Guys not for me definitely...Couldn't even lift up the bike and stand on my own legs..Its heavy maaannn...(But I can rempit in my scooter...kakaka)

Lets continue back..Was having a serious talk and suddenly a loud thud...everyone froze..there were like 7 people in the showroom ...apart from me,my brother and father ,,4 strangers..(my jaw dropped literally)

My sister hit the glass room's glass...Ohhh shooottt..That hurts..You know being the good sister me I started laughing till I cried...Only I was the one laughing ok..felt bad..but cant help it..

The irony is, her son who pulled her to get something from inside the glass room knew well where the door was and he went directly there leaving his mother to the epic incident...

That is the glass which my sister hit her head..its not her fault ok..its deceiving in the light

That foggy mark is my sister face

She is trying to wipe it..

She is laughing herself thinking about it..and that cheeky boy still wants that something  from the glass room..cant help it.

Pants and top : Mango
Bag : Armcandy.co

By till then
Feel free to drop me your thoughts.Daa:)

14 December 2015

Back to business :))

Haven't blogged for  a long time indeed.Its not that I don''t have things to blog about.
Despite having so much of things triggering the I-MUST-BLOG-ABOUT-THIS- mode I have been super duper busy in my works turning off my blogging mode.

Yeah every time I'm back from work I just want to relax .I feel tired no matter how much rest I get.I think I need to revamp my style of life ; maybe a healthier version with more exercise,more veggie and more water:)hmmmm....or maybe do something which I will feel happy about...

YEAH!!!!That's IT!!!
My love has always been for numbers...anything with numbers I'm a pro I guess...But you know what I get excited the most when I go shopping...kakakah..who doesn't right..

Well the passion has always been in fashion..Hahaha..so cliche right...Fashion is my passion:) A good tagline..I'm going to claim royalty for it (yeah in my dreams)

I'm going to design my own cloths I think...something to consider..It will be nice right..I have some nice viscose fabric in stock which I bought like one year back...Maybe I could do something with it..
A skirt perhaps or a tunic top..Ooooohhhhh...

Actually you know what, I think that's a great idea to keep me going without feeling bored...OK decision made...

My mum will be like "dont you dare to add more clothes into cupboard.Its gonna cry blood".
Hahahaha...eventually I'm going to take over your wardrobe mommyyyy..

P/s: Till next time..will keep you updated..muaahhh:))

27 November 2015

He left me..What???

Today my work finished early.Yeah like 15 minutes earlier..
Then I was getting ready to go back home.I said bye bye to my daddy and started walking off to the car when suddenly he stopped me to wait for him so that we both can go back together.
Being the good daughter, I waited for him for a good forty five minutes.By the time he was almost done I went and waited for him in the car.
Krik ..Krik ...10 minutes gone....
krik ...krik ....another 10 minutes gone..
So I went back into the shop to ask my worker where is my dad...and he said 'miss,boss has gone back home like 20 minutes ago with your brother'
Wait..what?????He left me..
Sheeshh...sweat daddy...What ??Why??
My 15 minutes early off is gone because of you and you made me wait .
Daddy oh daddy...he thinks its funny.#methinksnono

16 November 2015

Whose egg is that???

Been quite sometimes since my last entry. Yeahhh, have been busy celebrating Diwali last week:))
Well my kinda Diwali is more too hanging out with family ,staying home ,watching TV and definitely lots of eating till I'm feeling like a whale now...
Foohhhhh...Need to burn out those fats...
Coming back to the egg story, my mum did a ikan bilis sambal with telur last Friday.During dinner there was only one egg left in the sambal, and I started asking whose egg was that to everybody so that I can eat it if no one claims the ownership.Hehehe
Then the genius brother answered the egg belongs to the chicken.
Darn idiot I felt like slapping my face.
Ended up not eating at all...He ate it...

Egg and anchovies sambal

Personal confession: My favourite food is Sambal petai and udang (Stinky/Bitter beans and prawn sambal)where the ratio is 1:1.Hehehe...there must be as much petai as the prawn.
Nyum nyum who doesnt love it.I love it.
I'll post a picture when my mum cooks it.

4 November 2015

One and a half hours !!!!

One and a half hours.Yeahhh..Just to eat tandoori at this one place which was on TV for its finger licking delicious tandoori.
It was a small place- a stall in front of Ampang point.The thing is,, it was only like 10 minutes drive from our place to reach there, but we managed to go around and around lost our way like little kiddos trying to find their way back to home. Hmmmmm...for us (my dad,sisters and of course my niece)filling our tummy is like the main priority...hahahaha..(sorry pa you have to join the clan when you are with your girls).

Well the place is called Uncle Aru's Tandoori and its on waze (can you believe it,,,if I knew it earlier
 I would have wazed that place directly rather than the landmarks nearby it)phewww...

The food is as good as they claimed...
Tandoori Chicken and Naan stall opposite Ampang Point off Jalan Ampang
Not my photo but its the Uncle Aru's Tandoori and naan. Forgot to take the photo as I was busy eating of course.Hehehe

Its cheap too according to me..They only charge RM 5.00 for the tandoori..where else you can get that much of effort for such a price right:))(according to me too)