25 December 2015


Again writing after some times...Went to Ducati Centre in PJ the other day..Was having a  serious talk with the sales exec to get more info on the super bike..Guys not for me definitely...Couldn't even lift up the bike and stand on my own legs..Its heavy maaannn...(But I can rempit in my scooter...kakaka)

Lets continue back..Was having a serious talk and suddenly a loud thud...everyone froze..there were like 7 people in the showroom ...apart from me,my brother and father ,,4 strangers..(my jaw dropped literally)

My sister hit the glass room's glass...Ohhh shooottt..That hurts..You know being the good sister me I started laughing till I cried...Only I was the one laughing ok..felt bad..but cant help it..

The irony is, her son who pulled her to get something from inside the glass room knew well where the door was and he went directly there leaving his mother to the epic incident...

That is the glass which my sister hit her head..its not her fault ok..its deceiving in the light

That foggy mark is my sister face

She is trying to wipe it..

She is laughing herself thinking about it..and that cheeky boy still wants that something  from the glass room..cant help it.

Pants and top : Mango
Bag : Armcandy.co

By till then
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