9 January 2016


I know its kinda late for a new year wish ,but I'm still in the mood.So HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS.
New year,new resolution,new hope, and an opportunity to get  year older.Thank you god.May god always bless me(praying hard for that ).

Celebrated my new year with the big family at PICC.It was an amazing celebration welcoming 2016 with so many family members.Definitely started the year like da boss...made my new year resolution and now working towards it.(with ups and downs definitely).Anyhow life has to move on and lets strive to be a better us.ok.Lets make a toast for a great year ahead .Cheers!!!!

Lesson learnt : Appreciate those little things in life as the clock keeps on ticking.

Four sisters.They are gonna kill me
ooppsss not ready yet guys.That's my twin ;)

Same height guys.Dont get deceived by the heels:))

                                                                Dress : Topshop
                                                            Heels : Charles & Keith

Good day till then..Doodles:))

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