14 December 2015

Back to business :))

Haven't blogged for  a long time indeed.Its not that I don''t have things to blog about.
Despite having so much of things triggering the I-MUST-BLOG-ABOUT-THIS- mode I have been super duper busy in my works turning off my blogging mode.

Yeah every time I'm back from work I just want to relax .I feel tired no matter how much rest I get.I think I need to revamp my style of life ; maybe a healthier version with more exercise,more veggie and more water:)hmmmm....or maybe do something which I will feel happy about...

YEAH!!!!That's IT!!!
My love has always been for numbers...anything with numbers I'm a pro I guess...But you know what I get excited the most when I go shopping...kakakah..who doesn't right..

Well the passion has always been in fashion..Hahaha..so cliche right...Fashion is my passion:) A good tagline..I'm going to claim royalty for it (yeah in my dreams)

I'm going to design my own cloths I think...something to consider..It will be nice right..I have some nice viscose fabric in stock which I bought like one year back...Maybe I could do something with it..
A skirt perhaps or a tunic top..Ooooohhhhh...

Actually you know what, I think that's a great idea to keep me going without feeling bored...OK decision made...

My mum will be like "dont you dare to add more clothes into cupboard.Its gonna cry blood".
Hahahaha...eventually I'm going to take over your wardrobe mommyyyy..

P/s: Till next time..will keep you updated..muaahhh:))

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