27 November 2015

He left me..What???

Today my work finished early.Yeah like 15 minutes earlier..
Then I was getting ready to go back home.I said bye bye to my daddy and started walking off to the car when suddenly he stopped me to wait for him so that we both can go back together.
Being the good daughter, I waited for him for a good forty five minutes.By the time he was almost done I went and waited for him in the car.
Krik ..Krik ...10 minutes gone....
krik ...krik ....another 10 minutes gone..
So I went back into the shop to ask my worker where is my dad...and he said 'miss,boss has gone back home like 20 minutes ago with your brother'
Wait..what?????He left me..
Sheeshh...sweat daddy...What ??Why??
My 15 minutes early off is gone because of you and you made me wait .
Daddy oh daddy...he thinks its funny.#methinksnono

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